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1$Buzz brings all your financial goals together online or on your mobile device, manage transactions online with ease, lets you set foreign or local currency and helps you achieve your financial goals.

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The job of 1dollarbuzz.com is to empower people with the latest electronic/computer gadgets and appliances to help them compete in the ever changing world of technology. To make this gadgets affordable (e.g. Laptops, Iphones, BB, Ipads, Flat Screen TVs, Cars, tablets, consumer products and any competitive product that may cause the average Nigerian to pay an ARM and a LEG to get) thus the need of a referral based system and to enable Nigerians (paid members) shop at our USA store www.outletcombo.com of any product the member wishes to get be delivered at a cheap rate and cheap shipping cost and guaranteed to be delivered either by UPS or Fedex to your home or desired shipping address anywhere in the world.

1dollarbuzz is fully administered from its Headquarters in the U.S.A. We have been in operation since 1st of January 2010. Having a central location enables the company to operate at a very high level of efficiency, which is of utmost importance, when providing best quality service to its members worldwide.

To ensure that this is possible, 1dollarbuzz has the latest computer network and supporting structure, to ensure that the system works perfectly, making it possible to meet and fulfill the demands of 1dollarbuzz participants. The company also has on-board, some of the best programmers, web security experts and database administrators, to enable our continuous updating of our computer systems to handle the increasing number of activations. This modern business management environment guarantees high efficiency, reliability and quality service.

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