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1$Buzz brings all your financial goals together online or on your mobile device, manage transactions online with ease, lets you set foreign or local currency and helps you achieve your financial goals.

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At 1dollarbuzz, you can make up to 5-figures just by referring 7 paid members ONLY!

How would you like to turn $1 into $96,079.90, $5 into $480,399.50, or better still, $10 into $960,799.00? No, this isn't some kind of lottery where you have to depend on luck and Yes, In fact you can actually make up to a total of $96,079.90 just for a one-time membership fee of $1-that's right, just $1 -with nothing else to pay, ever! Let's face it; most of us have -at one time or another- spent a dollar on a scratch-off ticket or the Lottery just for the chance to win big money. Why not spend Just a minimum of $1 to take advantage of the opportunity to make extra income by getting commissions on referring people!

This is not a ponzi scheme! nor a pyramid. At 1dollarbuzz.com we are not promising you a daily or monthly return on your membership fee with us. What we guarantee to you, is a percentage (%) commission based on earnings earned on 1dollarbuzz and can be redeemed through our discount program on www.outletcombo.com. Your earnings accrue in a 7X7 forced matrix fashion as explained in the chart below, and REMEMBER you might NOT earn any commissions, if u do not invite people to join our discount membership program, and hence, just enjoy ur discounts when buying items or goods from our website, either for yourself or for profit through resale.

We created the Fast Track Program, so that those of you that are either skeptical or just plain broke could try your hand at an internet business that is easy to run, all for a dollar! Then, once you see how easy it is to make money in this program, you can proceed with confidence to create a reasonable residual income with the $1, $5 or $10 membership programs or simply keep to the fastrack for those who like the appeal of quicker returns..

There is a single life-time membership fee of US $1, $5, $10, $30, $50 and $100, whichever u prefer (you can even join all if u so desire)! There are no other hidden fees. This fee enables us to give you discount coupons (depending on your membership option).

Members earn 10% commission for every direct and indirect referral. This means that you do not only gain money for every person you refer, but you also get paid for the referrals referred by your referrals and then for their referrals and so on, 7 levels deep! The table below is an example which demonstrates how your earnings will accumulate in each membership option..

$1 membership$5 membership$10 membership

The example shows how much you can make by referring 7 people to join your own membership option, but as we do not want to limit the number of referrals you can refer, we allow you to refer as many as you can, and therefore earn quite faster by your own effort, but even though this is possible, you would still have only 7 people as your direct referral, any additional person you refer will be spilled over to your direct referrals and hence, becomes your indirect referral.

Even though you are only required to get 7 members ONLY, we will be giving prizes to members who have certain high number of referrals eg laptops, Flat Screen TVs, PDAs, Cell phones etc. More information on this will be updated on the Prizes Tab

1dollarbuzz utilizes a 7 X 7 forced matrix, so if your upline has more than 7 referrals, you will get referral (spillover) from your upline. As a result, of your one-time low membership fee, you have the opportunity of making an attractive sum of extra income, depending on your chosen membership option. Fortunately, you can also create multiple accounts at 1dollarbuzz.com and make even more money!

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